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Explore Florida's Rainbow River in Comfort

Florida Glass Bottom Boats offers safe, comfortable, and easy-to-use eco-friendly boats for daily rental on Florida’s beautiful Rainbow River. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or just a casual adventurer, Florida Glass Bottom Boats are right for everyone.

Our Glass Bottom Boats allow you and your passengers to see the crystal-clear waterways of Florida that are fed by prehistoric natural springs at your own pace. Enjoy a day meandering along the river and fresh water springs in Florida. Long known for their beauty and consistent flow, the natural springs provide Florida’s rivers with a constant supply of pure water. This purity allows you to see the river bottom and its wildlife in clarity you won’t believe until you see it for yourself.

Best of all, Florida Glass Bottom Boats have no combustion engine to make noise or smelly fumes to distract you from the beauty Florida’s Rainbow River has to offer.

Florida Glass Bottom Boats

See Florida Wildlife Without Cages

No visit to Florida is complete without seeing its beautiful Rainbow River. Sure, Florida is known for its sandy white beaches, turquoise blue water and theme parks, but the true beauty of Florida is found in its rustic natural habitat.  Fed by natural springs, Florida’s rivers flow with clear, cool and pure water that Florida’s abundant wildlife thrive on. Florida’s mild climate allows a diverse variety of wildlife to thrive. Both above the water and below, you’ll see a wide range of animals on Florida’s beautiful river.

  • Turtles
  • Fish
  • Alligators
  • Raccoons
  • Snakes
  • Otters
  • Rabbits
  • Birds

Make “Natural” Memories

Treat your family to a day on the river and make memories no theme park can imitate. We hear from many of our guests that the time they spend on Florida’s waterways is the most memorable of their stay. Whether it’s because of the river’s natural beauty, the quiet and peace found in nature, or the unique experience of seeing wildlife in their natural habitat, time on a Florida river is unlike any “adventure” fabricated in a theme park.

No Special License or Training Required

The specially designed boats of Florida Glass Bottom Boats are designed to be easy to use for anyone. They have seating for up to 4 adults and 2 children, are equipped with an electric motor, and are fitted with panoramic acrylic viewing panel in the boats hull to allow everyone to see what lies beneath the water.

Rainbow River Glass Bottom Boats

Rainbow River & Park Hours

The Rainbow River and the launch site we use, KP Hole Park, are managed by Marion County Parks and Recreation Department.

Summer: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Winter: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Entrance fee: $5/person

Enjoy the Facility Afterward

The riverfront parks we launch at have beaches, picnic tables and playgrounds to allow you to enjoy your day all the way until sunset. Your admission into the park for launching your boat also gives you access to all the amenities.

Flexible Scheduling

We know a well-planned Florida vacation is required to make the most of your time. Meeting schedules and deadlines are NOT what you want to worry about while on vacation. We have tried to make your experience on a Florida Glass Bottom Boat Rental stress-free.

Explore Underwater Florida

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A Peaceful Day on the River

A day on a Florida river is a nice break from the fast-paced theme parks and busy beaches. Florida’s popular tourist attractions are known worldwide for their quality entertainment, assortment of thrilling rides, and recognizable characters. Unfortunately, they have grown in popularity so much that the new challenge is how to battle the crowds to get the most fun packed into your vacation. Rarely do we hear any of these destinations promoting relaxation as one of their features. We have the remedy. A peaceful day on a Florida river in a Florida Glass Bottom Boat Rental is all about relaxation; the pace of the water flow, the quiet surroundings, the lack of development all combine to make this a must-do for any Florida vacation itinerary.

No Paddling Required

Imagine lazily drifting down a cool, sparkling clear river. Not a care in the world. Birds chirping. Babbling brooks and springs feeding the river that’s gently guiding you along past giant shade trees and sunny, sandy beaches. The fresh water of one of Florida’s beautiful rivers have effortlessly placed you miles away from where you started. It’s been a wonderful day, but the sun is beginning to hide behind the trees more often. Shadows are getting long now. It’s time to head back. Now what? Do you have the energy to paddle against the current? Do you have enough time before the sun sets? No need to worry when you’re in a Florida Glass Bottom Boat. The trusty electric motor will do all the work. You can continue relaxing and enjoy the ride back to the dock.